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CMC 1800 S02

  • The CMC 1800- CONTINUOUS CALENDER is designed to per-platen thermal sublimation print transfers on a continuous basis. Indicated for large-scale production, its production speed varies from, 1 to 5, 7 meters per minute of up to 1800mm-wide rolls. The heating cylinder works with electric resistances submerged in thermal oil, which helps keeping an even temperature over the entire surface of the cylinder.

    The CMC 1800 has a digital speed dial that allows you to better control your production. This machine allows for continuous printing, i.e., there is no need for manual feeding in of work-pieces and paper during operation. As a safety device for the machine and the production being made on it, the CMC 1800- is fitted with a no-break system, which, in case of any power failure, prevents the equipment and the work materials from becoming burned. In addition, the CMC-1800- is fitted with a safety sensor capable of preventing the access to the rolls while the machine is running, and a meter-age counter for production control. The CMC-1800- calendars offer significant benefits as follows:

    • Maximum usage of paper and sublimation ink within the entire application area .
    • Power saving, (Maximum production with the same power consumption when compared to a conventional heat press).
    • Even temperature, pressure and driving force over the entire application area, thus preventing 2nd-quality runs.
    • Environmental contamination-proof system.
    • Less space requirements compared to conventional screen-printing machinery.
    • No air compressor or compressed air required.
    • Improved quality of colors and detail sharpness, without any shadows or stains.
    • No specialized labor required, i.e., the quality of the thermal transfer lays on the machine rather than on the operator skills when compared to conventional heat presses.
    • It allows for applying prints to every type of textile goods, including large sizes like towels, flags, etc.

    * Considering transfer bobbins printed in Metalnox Digital printers, such as ePrint Super Strong.

  • And here’s the machine technical benefit

    CMC 1800 S02 – Technical Key Specifications
    Model  CMC 1800 CMC 1800
    Mains voltage (V)  220 Volts 3-phase 380 Volts 3-phase
    Power consumption (kW/h)  13.5 13.5
    Useful area (mm)  1.700 1.700
    Air consumption (cu.ft/min)  1/28.3 1/28.3
     Indicated compressor (cu.ft/min)  3.7  3.7
     Package (L x W x H mm)  1.790 X 3.040 X 1.890  1.790 X 3.040 X 1.890
    Size of supported platens  1800mm-calender  1800mm-calender
     Power(Kw)  27.8  27.8
    Current (A)  73.0  42.3
    Weight  1.750  1.750