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Message of the CEO

We always ask ourselves in “Al Madina” about how we shall continue to sustain and improve our position as the BEST CHOICE for all our stakeholders.

Since the establishment of the company, we have been striving to gain, sustain and develop that very attractive position of being always the BEST CHOICE for all our stakeholders.

One of the most important corner stones, that we believe it helped us in the past and still helping a lot, is improving our Professionalism in handling our business.

All our stakeholders need us to be more and more Professional day by day, and that is our daily ongoing challenge.

We’ve already achieved a very good success in this ongoing challenge. The competencies and skills of our Human Capital are a good evidence of this success.

The Leadership Style, Management System, Company Culture and the level of Products & Services we deliver to our customers are also good examples for our Professionalism.

However, day by day we raise our ‘’Professionalism Assessment Standards’’ so as to better satisfy ourselves and all our dear stakeholders.



Ashraf Fathy