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  • Ink is a crucial part of the printing process. Using inks that work together faultlessly with the print head and media in production to give you optimum performance and output quality is an area Mutoh invest heavily in. We are constantly testing the inks and print head technologies in our own chemical labs, to ensure that you are provided with inks that perfectly match your Mutoh system and supplies.

    By conducting stringent quality control, we are able to guarantee batch-to-batch consistency, a perfect match between ink and print head and unequivocal warranties for durability and quality.

  • Depending on your application, we supply the right ink for our printers.

    Mutoh Eco Ultra inks are Mutoh’s most popular inks for outdoor sign applications on a wide range of uncoated and coated substrates. The inks are based on non-aggressive solvents and do not spread any harmful VOCs in the working environment. Available in easy-to-use cassettes & 1 litre ink bags, Eco Ultra inks are Mutoh’s third generation of eco inks featuring improved ink fixation, better drying, higher print speeds and improved scratch resistance. Prints made with Eco Ultra inks are UV and water resistant for up to three years outdoors*.

    Mutoh’s Universal Mild Solvent inks (UMS) are Mutoh’s fourth generation mild solvent inks. The UMS inks have been specifically developed for volume-oriented users. Available in cassettes & bulk liter bottles, the UMS inks feature best-in-class ingredients for optimum speed and quality performance.

    The inks are based on a new generation of milder & non-aggressive solvents and do not spread any harmful VOCs in the working environment. They are virtually odour-free and do not require any forced ventilation. The Mutoh UMS CMYK ink set covers 83 % of the Pantone C® colour chart.

    The unique mix of nano size, high durability pigments & resins will individually encapsulate each colour pigment, enables optimum adhesion of the pigments to the substrate and creates a uniform, smooth – gloss preserving – ink layer. Prints made with UMS inks are water resistant and offer an outdoor UV-resistance of up to three years*.

    Mutoh MS Ultra inks are Mutoh’s third-generation of mild solvent inks, offering the highest level of image quality and printer reliability yet. MS Ultra inks offer a superb stability ensuring uninterrupted printing for extended periods and low maintenance requirements, with no need for daily cleaning or daily printing. MS Ultra inks are based on a cyclohexanone and NMP-free ink formulation. The inks are fixed and dried at regular heating temperatures. MS Ultra inks are available in safe and easy- to-handle 440 ml cassettes and 1 liter bottles. Outdoor durability goes up to 3 years without lamination*.

    Mutoh’s CMYK LED UV inks have been specifically developed for Mutoh’s specialty / industrial UV printers. The inks are also available in white and varnish colours. The white ink will produce excellent results onto coloured or transparent media. The varnish ink will allow you to create a luxurious or specialty finish.

    Available in cassettes & bulk ink packs, the Mutoh LED UV inks feature best-in-class ingredients for ultra-sharp, high quality outputs. They are moreover completely VOC-free and do not contain any hazardous air pollutants (non-HAP).

    Mutoh LED UV inks allow printing on both roll and rigid substrates and on a wide variety of products and their prototypes, even 3D objects. Our LED UV printers integrate an energy-efficient long-life LED lamp which will instantly cure the LED UV inks and deliver safe & ready to use prints. No heat is released in the process, which means even printing onto heat-sensitive materials is possible.

    Mutoh’s water-based CMYK DS2 Universal Transfer and Direct Sublimation inks are 100 % VOC free and do not require any risk labelling. The inks offer excellent nozzle stability for high speed and high volume printing and will produce perfect image sharpness and definition. Transfer is possible onto polyester fabrics, mixed fibre fabrics (min. 80 % polyester) or onto polyester coated objects.

    The Mutoh DS2 inks are odourless, both during the printing and the transfer process. They offer a wide gamut with bright and vibrant colours and furthermore give you comfortable light, washing and perspiration fastness properties. Mutoh’s genuine DS2 inks are ÖKOTEX STANDARD 100 compliant .

    Mutoh dye sub inks, available in bulk litre bottles for use with Mutoh’s bulk ink system, enable you to lower your cost per copy. Paper prints are produced faster, which increases your productivity. You work with uncoated low-cost readily available polyester fabrics.

    Mutoh Disperse Dye Sublimation & Direct Disperse Inks are 100 % VOC free and do not contain any hazardous components. These water-based inks have excellent nozzle stability for high speed and high volume printing. They offer a large colour gamut for rich and vibrant colours and deliver top scores in light fastness, wash fastness, rubbing and perspiration.

    Mutoh dye sublimation inks deliver perfect transfer to different materials (textiles and rigids). The direct disperse inks are suited for direct to textile printing onto polyester fabrics.

    Mutoh Dye & Pigmented CMYK water-based VOC free inks offer a wide colour gamut, superior line output and sharp edges, ideal for high quality poster printing. Whereas the Mutoh dye based inks are suited for interior prints, Mutoh pigmented inks are ideal for long-term indoor graphics as well as for short term outdoor applications.

    Mutoh MP11 Multi-Purpose CMYK + White inks for the ValueJet VJ-1617H model are suited for both roll and rigid media. The inks will deliver high quality prints on a wide range of uncoated environmentally friendly low-cost substrates. Compatible media types are ABS, aluminium sandwich board, cardboard, non-pvc self-adhesive media, PE, PET, PMMA, PP, PVC foam board, recyclable fibre-based paper, uncoated polyester, uncoated Tyvek, etc. The inks come in convenient ink packs – CMYK (950 ml) + White (500 ml). The key carrier of the MP11 inks is a renewable resource solvent, derived from corn. The inks are fixed and dried at regular heating temperatures and offer an extensive colour gamut. UV durability outdoors goes up to three years.

  • Testing the durability of an output is a very complex matter. Acritical part is the evaluation of ink durability. Mutoh has an in-house test program to evaluate inks.

    The in-house test program to evaluate inks is being performed by Mutoh’s chemical engineering department.

    Three different tests are done on every ink type:

    • Abrasion resistance Evaluating how a print will react on external factors such as: erosion, wind, sand, friction, “wear and tear”, …
    • Chemical resistance (colour transfer)Evaluating the resistance of a print towards rubbing and towards the influence of different chemical substances.
    • Outdoor durability Evaluate the resistance of a print towards the effects of rain and sunlight.

    These tests will provide you a good indication of the durability of an ink. Still, we want to point out that in ‘reallife’ other factors will also be responsible for the degradation of the colours of your printed images. Please refer to the part “Factors responsible for degradation of a print’ in the document ‘Mutoh Ink Durability Test Program”.

    For further information, please refer to the document “Mutoh Ink Durability Test Program” and “Ink Comparison Sheet”.