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OFFSET Division History

Offset division was the stone base of Al-Madina For Advanced Technology Company since 1986 and nowadays representing around 40% from Al-Madina annual turnover dealing with the most big names in the offset industry for both consumables and machinery.


OFFSET Overview

Offset lithography became the most popular form of commercial printing from the 1950s “Offset Printing” printing”. Substantial investment in the larger presses required for offset lithography was needed, and had an effect on the shape of the printing industry, leading to fewer, larger, printers. The change made a greatly increased use of Color printing possible, as this had previously been much more expensive. Subsequent improvements in plates, inks, and paper have further refined the technology of its superior production speed and plate durability.


Today, lithography is the primary printing technology used in the U.S. and most often as offset lithography. Currently, offset lithography, is responsible for over half of all printing using printing plates, The consistent high quality of the prints and the volume of prints created for their respective cost makes commercial offset lithography very efficient for businesses, especially when many prints must be created.

Concerning Prepress Systems; we are focusing on delivering technically advanced solutions that help you produce superb, high quality print whatever the technology to give your business a competitive edge and provide you with the “power to succeed”.

An advanced range of pre-press and pressroom solutions designed to maximize efficiency while minimizing your environmental impact.