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ValueCut 1800
ValueCut 1800
  • Cutting width of 1830 mm (72.04”)
  • For home, office and professional users
  • Finest cutting quality: high quality cutting blades & innovative tangential simulation mode
  • Excellent media tracking up to 10 metres
  • Top performer: speed up to 1530 mm/s, acceleration up to 4.2 G & cutting force up to 600 grams
  • Automatic registration mark detection to swiftly contour-cut preprinted graphics
Mutoh’s affordable 1900 mm ValueCut 1800 cutting plotter offers all application features required by professional sign makers:
  • Traditional vinyl cutting for lettering jobs
  • Contour cutting of pre-printed stickers
  • Cut through feature for the creation of individual stickers
Mutoh’s ValueCut 1300 cutting plotter is equipped with 6 pressure rollers.
The Mutoh ValueCut cutting plotter can cut a broad range of sign making materials ranging from self-adhesive PVC to sandblast, up to a maximum thickness of 0.8 mm.
The cutting force up to 600 g guarantees optimum cutting results on a wide range of materials.
Cutting speed is adjustable up to 1080 mm/s at a maximum acceleration of 3 G, which enables a cutting speed up to 1530 mm/s and an acceleration of 4.2 G in diagonal movements.
Powerful grit roll/pressure roll tandem
The ValueCut 1800’s pinch roll – grit roll tandems will give you perfect media tracking. Delicate media and preprinted signs for contour cutting jobs can also be perfectly accommodated and will be safeguarded from pressure roll marks since the pressure rolls can be individually disabled.
Perfect cutting quality under the most severe conditions
To handle all industry’s sign cutting materials with excellence, a complete set of high quality cutting blades is available, tuned to give you perfect cuts and easy weeding. Thanks to the incorporated innovative tangential simulation mode you also can make miniature letterings, intricate graphics shapes and obtain perfect quality in thick materials.
All-in Solution
The ValueCut 1800 cutting plotter is standard delivered with: roll media mount system, blade holder, oily ball-point holder, knife, safe blade, cutting mat & FlexiSTARTER™ 10 software.
In-the-box starter software solution
The ValueCut comes with a Mutoh proprietary version of SAI’s FlexiStarter™ 10. It is a complete text and graphics layout program running on the Windows platform Win7 64-bit. FlexiStarter™ allows you to do cutting and designing simultaneously.
For optimum efficiency, design and production can even be spread over 2 different workstations in your network. No threshold fear if you are an expert in SignLab™, Adobe®, CorelDraw or another popular package.
Your life will be made easy by the “Workspace Control” feature, which will make Flexi look and feel like the packages you are familiar with. You will be impressed by the multitude and the power of the import and export filters. The export functionality will allow you to prepare designs for output with any printer-RIP combination in your workshop and still yield perfect contour cutting.
FlexiStarter™ is no “blind alley software”. Upgrades to higher levels of the Flexi FAMILY are available for you, now and in the future.
Mutoh ValueCut Cutting Plotter Applications :
  • signage
  • vehicle graphics
  • window graphics
  • labels
  • vinyl stickers
  • point of purchase
  • packaging
  • funny bumper stickers
  • safety signs
  • promo stickers

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